• The Lights

    It's no secret that lighting can enhance the mood of your reception and amplify the excitement when needed most.  Knowing this, our philosophy on lighting is simple. We … [Continue Reading]

    The Lights
  • The Service

    While other companies are out selling speakers, lights and projectors we tend to take a different approach.  We focus on providing peace of mind, coordination and hospitality. … [Continue Reading]

    The Service
  • The Sounds

    Can music make or break an event? You bet! Music does what it's meant to do, that’s to prey on the emotion of the listener. It can build you up and bring you back down. It’s … [Continue Reading]

    The Sounds

The Experience

Picture this: Your reception just ended minutes ago and as you reflect back on the evening you remember how time stood still, all the problems of the world seemed to disappear and your dance floor was sizzling with energy and excitement. If this is how you picture your wedding reception then you’re in the right place! At Operation Getdown we work to deliver a service that zeroes in on your exact tastes then delivers upon them. We work carefully to set your reception apart from others to create a memorable reception experience that you and your guest will hopefully never forget. Our energetic and charismatic DJs are professional, experienced and open to your ideas to create the perfect outcome you seek. We’re about you, it’s your big day, and we take our job seriously to ensure your guests have the time of their lives.